Social Media StrategyOnline marketers are well aware of the impact of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter on a company’s marketing strategies. They are awesome as long as they serve as a breeding ground for positive energy. But what happens if all your efforts turn sour? It is nothing new and we all know how badly people can behave on social media, especially if they are somehow disappointed or enraged with your product and services. Besides, they have different influence on different age groups.

The adults, for example, are more likely to take social media users as kind-hearted who give honest feedbacks, based on their experience. According to the recent survey conducted by Salesforce Rypple and Pew Internet, 85% adults think social media users as “mostly kind” while only 69% teens agree with them. Moreover, 73% adults view and use social media positively. Thus, the teens mostly encourage such negativities and in turn, are influenced by it. And things become worse when negatively arise on your social pages as an annoyed tweet, an angry Facebook post, or as a lambasting review on Yelp. In such situations, you need to keep your cool and handle matters with haste and grace; otherwise, you may land in major future conflict.

Rather than removing the post, reply them publicly while keeping responses concise. Responding publicly shows you are in control of the situation and are being open with the question or issues the person might have faced. Also, keep your emotions in check (we know you love your company) and stick to the facts, as being sensitive or overreacting won’t help either.

Finally, reply immediately or as soon as possible and letting the negative comment linger will show you are avoiding the issue.


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