facebook-marketingOne of the biggest challenges aced my most bloggers is engaging their customers through social networks, especially Facebook. Almost all of us have profiles on Facebook but the real challenge lies in bringing your friends and fans on Facebook back to your blogs. To drive traffic to your blog from Facebook you need to create more interest and for that you need to create strategies for receiving the best position in Facebook’s algorithm.

The first tip to improve your ranking in Facebook’ algorithm called Edgerank is to post images and videos. This will also help to increase your engagement levels with the fans and friends on this social media as your followers are more likely to comment, like or share these images and videos, if they are interesting enough. Through visual stimulation you can draw people in and motivate them to react and grab their attention. And with more number of likes and comments your posts will reach more number of people; thus, attracting more people to your blog or website.

However, in creating Facebook engagement we often forget our real goal, which is to drive traffic to your own site. We often get lost in the madness of this social channel and the only remedy is to stop spending most of your time here; rather focus on your real goals. And for that the simplest way to drive traffic is to add a link to your page in the post. Encourage your visitors to click on your link and there are many ways to do it and creativity is just one of them. Here comes the necessity of creating engaging content that will attract the attention of your followers so that you are motivated to click the link for more. And if you have found an interest way to create such content, don’t forget to share with our readers. Good luck!


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