Americas’ Rudest Places, According to Twitter“Twitter Heatmap”, the latest project of the micro-blogging site shows where the rudest and most polite Twitter users of U.S.A are. This application maps Good Mornings and F*** Yous to map the country’s most polite and rudest people.

The team at Vertaline created this revolutionary “Twitter Heatmap”, which scanned tweets of 462 specific U.S. locations. They tracked the phrase “Good Morning” between June 20 and July 1 whereas between July 14 and 24, they traced the phrase “F*** You”.

Users can either set the map to view the “Good Mornings” on Twitter or the “F*** Yous”. Besides, they can spot the “Relative” and “Absolute” distribution of tweets at a given time compared to over the entire day.

Though the Twitter Heatmap fails to offer any conclusive information about the Twitter etiquette of Americans based on their region, it revealed that Los Angeles and Northeast part of the country are its rudest regions.

So next time you are tempted to be a little abusive on Twitter, think again, as your city might be mapped as one of the rudest cities of Americas!


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