Search Engine OptimizationIn the age of Internet it is often difficult to distinguish between myths and reality as there are so many experts available out there for every subject you can name. And it also holds true for search engine optimization, the very base of Internet marketing. There are a host of myths that surrounds the world on online marketing and search engine optimization and many are blindly following them as guidelines for successful SEO efforts. However, the reality is that you need to get rid of these SEO illusions to raise the steps of success. The base note for any SEO efforts is to stick to ethical search engine optimization guidelines, rather than following anything that just sounds too easy and catch your fancy.

Google endorsing: Now you must have heard for SEO firms proclaiming that that they are approved or endorsed by Google. This is nothing more than a gimmick and all you should do as you hear anyone making such proclamation is “laugh” at such advertisements. Believe me no such firm exists till date. Google only approves certain SEO principles that are ethical and nothing else.

Better ranking with XML Site maps: Though XML sitemaps are important, but they are no way a doorway to better Google ranking. The site maps are used by the search engine crawlers to just detect the duplicate content in your site, if any. And this is the only value XML site map has for your website.

PR score: Another popular myth common in the SEO industry is that the PR score of a website determines the Google rankings of the site. The page rank has nothing to do with your ranking on Google. There are many sites with low page-rank outranking high PR websites. The ranking algorithms of Google work with its own definition when it comes to the ranking of a website and page rank hardly has much to do here.

Google spy with its Analytics: You really think so!! Well, you can’t be more wrong. Google don’t have spare time to waste on such naive matters, gathering traffic data and information for proving you as a spammer. If it finds so, the search giant will simply blacklist you and believe me, Google has better technology to find that rather than spying on you through Analytics.

Meta Tags helps ranking: This is probably one of the most common myths and almost every SEO practitioners believed it at one point of time. Meta tags, descriptions, keywords or Meta author are believed to bring better rankings in the search engine results page. But when it comes to the higher positioning your website, Meta tags hardly has to do anything, but the content does.


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