Social-Media-Marketing-SMMManaging an effective social media campaign is a challenging task. It’s much more than just increasing the number of likes, followers and friends. It’s about engaging people at a mass level. Companies need to consider a number of factors to ensure the message reaches the targeted audience in an effective and timely manner. The key here is “time” to receive a return on investment.

Besides, there are some other factors companies need to consider for managing a managing an effective social campaign.

To begin with, companies need to monitor what people are saying about them, their products and services. This provides a great insight about the company’s product and marketing designs. Besides, it facilitates communication between consumers and manufacturers. Thus, it helps to create a human element to influence the potential buyers in responding positively to the campaign.

On the same lines, answer all inquires over social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as early as possible. Long delays are usually frustrating for customers and they feel like not to be your top-most priority (now the consumers will hardly like this). According to the McKinsey Quarterly report published recently, “By responding rapidly, transparently, and honestly, companies can positively influence consumer sentiment and behavior”.

In conclusion, design the marketing activities in such a manner that it works as a social motivator for your friends and followers (consumers) to share the experience they have had with your product. This way, you can engage your consumers in a conversation where they feel to be on the top priority list.


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