LinkedIn for Local Optimization Since May 2003, when it was launched, LinkedIn has evolved as the largest online professional network with more than 150 million members. The growth rate of the site is around two members every second. The site hosts more than two million company pages and millions of other small business pages. Thus, it will be foolishness for any business to ignore the potential of this professional networking site. To help you jumpstart your LinkedIn presence, we have a few tips:

Make sure all your employees are on LinkedIn. Many small business owners fail to encourage their employees create or build exceptional LinkedIn profiles fearing that it may highlight them as potential targets for other prospective recruiters. Quite the opposite, your employees having professional profiles on LinkedIn will reflect highly upon your business and improve your company’s credibility.

Share your expertise with other professionals on LinkedIn. This professional networking site offers the “Answers” forum where share your knowledge and expertise with people from similar domain. Better yet, you can demonstrate familiarity in your particular field to both business owners and potential clients all across the world. Rather than using the forums to sell your product or yourself, join the conversations to present yourself as a supportive resource in your domain. And you will be amazed to see the response from people.

We have more tips for using LinkedIn for Local Optimization in our next post. Please come back.


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