LinkedIn for Local OptimizationIn our previous post we discussed some basic tips for using LinkedIn for local optimization; here, we have some more. Small business owners can use this professional networking site to find vendors and services. Researching vendors for outsourcing services is often a huge hassle for small business owners. LinkedIn is a great place to search for services you need, as its top search results include companies and people in your network whose recommendations you can use to find people and services you need.

Also remember that the Groups feature of LinkedIn allows you to deal with people with specific topics. Thus, it is a great idea to join groups in your respective industry to interact with possible partners and prospective clients. Another advantage of joining these groups is that you can participate in the offline events that these groups held and get an excellent opportunity for face-to-face networking.

The bottom line here is to stay active in your LinkedIn community. It will not only help you to maintain your LinkedIn presence, but also to find and acquire new business leads and customers. Participate in the relevant discussions, act as a resource to your community, join groups, and share your expertise with the other community members. Put simply, to get more business leads from LinkedIn, contribute more. As a dynamic contributor you will be amazed to see how your LinkedIn profile skyrockets.


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