Ladder Web Solutions is excited to introduce HoOWHee!!

“Home on Wheels” the all new tool designed for Campgrounds and Campers. The Home on Wheels app “HoOWHee!!” brings the campground, modern tools to communicate events, offers, and specials INSTANTLY to their campers.

HoOWHee!! allows the camper and campgrounds to find each other and communicate using modern technologies that are mobile device driven.  One of HoOWHee’s most important features is a two way communication tool between campgrounds and campers. Campgrounds can broadcast event updates and alerts to the campers that are in their park. In addition notifications of offers and specials can be sent to the campers that are not on site. The campers can respond to these messages instantly via chat, a calling feature, or email. In addition the campers can also initiate the contact through these same communication tools within the app.

The ever evolving result of this development has also created a GPS driven directory which every campground has the opportunity to take advantage of at no charge. In addition to the many other tools that are being developed as a part of the app. HoOWHee provides direct connection to Camp Cloud Express, Ladder Web Solution’s complete office management and reservation system.

Whether you want to embrace technology or not, technology is changing the future, so don’t be left behind.

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