Just like the previous year, 2013 is also all about content. The ever-evolving ranking algorithm of Google is sophisticated enough for ranking sites based on the relevancy and quality of their content. Thus, content generation is no more a matter of only SEO purposes, it must be attractive enough to draw both the human traffic and the search engines alike for ranking. As a result, you need to focus more on writing engaging copy for your visitors than writing good SEO copy just for the search engines. The days of writing keyword stuffed content are a distant memory and now you will need more number of great content to engage your visitors as well as impress the search crawlers. Content is as always the “King”.

Thus, all businesses that are looking for ways to improve their SEO, our recommendation is to focus on improving your content. For Google, the quality of the content is the most important determining factor when it comes to ranking. Considering all these factors, we can safely say that online marketing these days has become more of content marketing. Now if you are wondering what is content marketing, it is the ability of a business to effectively communicate in a meaning way with the existing and potential customers. It helps brands to create connection and build trust, which in turn, makes the customers more receptive to your marketing messages and encouraging them to react positively.

With a content-focused approach, businesses can convert potential leads into sales and create trust more successfully.  And in the long run, this content-focus approach will prove more successful as an effective strategy. For the consumer-focused businesses strengthening their existing content and creating new is a relatively easy task. However, the B2B businesses need to focus more to make their content interesting. For the beginners, it is recommended to start with your current content and make them more interesting and engaging because your brilliant new content will become miss-matched with the existing mediocre or poor content. But before proceeding further, you need to understand the quality of your existing content and appraise them based on their usefulness to your customers in terms of helping them make informed decision, being sales focused, if or not they are compelling and interesting enough, is it sticky enough to hold people’s attention and finally are they on-brand and professionally written.

All this information will help you to understand your content quality and you can accordingly focus on improving them to maintain your existing online visibility or improving it. Remember that your online visibility will help you to gain the competitive edge over others.


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